Terms of use

Our service is offered to people capable of entering into an agreement with us. The User must know and follow the rules of this website, as well as be in accordance with the jurisdiction to which he belongs and the laws of his country.


We agree to offer various services to the User. We reserve the right to change or remove any service at any time without justification, or to reduce its traffic according to our feasibility, to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. A purchase of a premium account on infinitydown guarantees access to private pages and services on the site, which may change or change at any time and without prior notice. The services are not fully guaranteed due to several external factors that could compromise them.

Personal information

The User guarantees that the information provided by him is complete, updated, and is true and accurate. The User agrees to edit his information if it changes in the future.

User Account

The user account is for personal use only. Only the user who physically owns the account is authorized to log in and use the user account.

Use of Services

The User confirms not to use our services to download files considered illegal by the laws of this and the country (ies) where our servers are geographically located. The User is aware that he cannot use our services to download files involving children, being punished with the suspension of his account and reported to the competent authorities and organizations. We do not own the files that Users download, we cannot verify their content or be held responsible for them. We are just an intermediary, just like an ISP. Our services are based purely on data traffic. We do not host or store any files. The User confirms that he will not use our services on Non-Residential Networks, Dedicated Servers, VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Similar or to do "Remote Upload" under penalty of having his account suspended. Any account sharing or generated links will result in the suspension of the User's account without any prior notice.

Generated Links

The generated Premium Link can only be used to download by the user who generated the link, premium links cannot be shared.


The User confirms not to try to stop our services in any way, such as a server attack. The User cannot attempt to circumvent the limitations imposed or violate our payment system. Reproduction, partial or complete, of the content of this website is prohibited without the consent of its owner.

Compensation / Reimbursement

When proceeding with the finalization of the purchase, through this term, the user signs our services to access a private area of ??the website and is aware that there will be no refund in cases of blocking due to bad behavior caused by any violation of the terms of use or by bad operation of one or more of our services. However, if your account has never been used (you have not logged in or logged in), you have 7 days to request a refund. The right of repentance described in the CDC does not apply to services offered by INFINITYDOWN because they are sold exclusively over the internet, are intangible and consumable.


The links generated in our system AT ANY TIME are HOSTED on our servers, only our system uses the traffic proxy function, where we connect to the SITES hosting the links are. WE DO NOT SUPPORT PIRACY.

Service Terms

The terms of service can be updated at any time and without any prior notice. The User can read it whenever he wishes through a link in the menu of the website

Service quality

The link generation service we offer is not linked to any guarantee of good functioning. Our services follow the policy of the best effort ("Best Effort"). This means that we will always try our best to offer an efficient and functional service. If not, some download servers may be removed or limited, in accordance with our Services policy.


There are no limits for downloads or traffic for daily use or during the signed period, however we can limit, temporarily or permanently disable user access if there is evidence of account sharing by multiple IP addresses, use on servers, VPN, Proxy and / or excess download above the average daily usage based on data from the system. If there is automatic blocking by the system, it will be in this order: 1nd warning block blocked for 5 days.
2nd warning block blocked for 15 days.
3rd Definitive block.

Infinitydown reserves the right to change the download limitations or simultaneous connections for some premium accounts when we deem it necessary for the system to function properly in order to provide a stable service.


By registering at infinitydown.com, the user agrees to receive news and promotions from our services by email, being allowed to remove the newsletter subscription on a link contained in the email received.

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